Kavi Usha-SilaiSchool-Bhuj-97

State: Gujarat

Kaviben, Bhuj

Kaviben is running the Usha Silai School in her Kotay village. Presently, she teaches 5 learners and charges Rs 100 per month. Her embroidery skills married to the sewing and stitching skills that she acquired due to the training has helped her to accept a substantial number of job work from the community. This has augmented her income to approx. Rs 7000/- per month.


State: Rajasthan

Mohini, Delitalai

Over the last two and a half years Mohini has managed to save around Rs 50,000 with which she is singlehandedly building a small pucca house for her family. From a girl who couldn’t do basic calculations to an entrepreneur and house builder, Mohini has come a long way.


State: Mizoram

Lucy, Aibawk, Aizwal

Till date Lucy has trained seven other women on sewing and embroidery, earning an average of Rs 3,000 per month. Village women also visit her to get their garments stitched.


State: Uttar Pradesh

Vidhyawati, Dadnamau

Vidhyawati from Dadnamau village in Uttar Pradesh is an excellent Silai School teacher, who has taught more than 35 women over the past few years. Her newfound confidence and skill has also earned her respect from her husband and children, who today are actively supporting her. She plans to invest some of her earnings on a second sewing machine and expand her Silai School.


State: Kerala

Deepa Shaju, Ambalathara

Deepa with her newfound confidence states “I am very thankful to USHA and MASSS for giving me the chance to earn an additional income through tailoring. I am more happy and confident today than ever before.”

1-Palaniammal, Sembatti, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu-PIXELATED-21 (1)

State: Tamil Nadu

Palaniammal, Sembatti Dindigul

Living as an outcast from friends and family due to the HIV infection, Palaniammal worked as a coolie, earning too little to support her family of three.Things changed when Society for Service Humanity (SSH) identified her to undergo sewing training under the Usha Silai School initiative and NMCT (Native Medicare Charitable Trust). Today, besides running a Silai School she also makes all kinds of women’s clothing, earning Rs 2000 per month. 


State: Manipur

Purnimasi Devi, Kontha Ahallup Makha

Purnimasi Devi was born to a very poor family. Unlike most rural families, the family didn’t even own land to earn a living through farming. Purnimasi was one among ten other village women who underwent sewing training at the school. Today, there are about 22 learners (including a male student) enrolled in her Silai School, allowing her to earn as much as Rs 4,700 per month. Purnimasi now, wants to add another section to the school to accommodate more people.


State: Maharashtra

Shivnanada Nagnathrao Kothurwad, Sultanpur

A strong-willed woman, the class XII pass-out, not only mastered sewing techniques but also become very apt at embroidery work. Her expertise allowed her to open her own tailoring shop besides a Silai School. On an average she teaches silai to around 20 women every year, charging Rs 150 per month. Her Silai School work coupled with her tailoring job earns her around Rs 6000-7000 per month.


State: Madhya Pradesh

Maydi Bai, Hirkray

A tribal woman born into extreme poverty, and suffering from polio Maydi Bai from Hirkray village, Madhya Pradesh, faced discrimination at every stage in her life. Being differently-abled she had to give up on her studies, and became a social outcast. Through sewing Maydi Bai found dignity and a second chance at life.


State: Chhattisgarh

Nameshwari Sahoo, Bardebhata

Nameshwari Sahoo’s world seemed to have ended when her husband abandoned her, for no apparent reason. Besides the financial and emotional strain, the bitter divorce cast a social stigma over her, with her community questioning both her dignity and the separation.
Silai School turned around her life, after completing her course she not only started a Usha Silai School but also went on to establish a tailoring business. She has trained around 20 women, till date.


State: Haryana

Rasda, Broat

Today, she is the only woman entrepreneur in her village – setting up a tailoring business from which she earns around Rs 18,000 a year. As a teacher she charges Rs 300 per month from her students for an extensive six months course.

Seema, Haryana

State: Haryana

Seema Rani, Chhota Badaula

After completing her training she started an Usha Silai School at her home, training four girls in the first month. Gradually, the number of learners increased and today she is earning around Rs 2500-3000/ every month as tuition fees.